Hi I’m Mile.

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Hi I’m tom.
I’m new here….
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Andy Smith

I am a qualified level 3 personal trainer and have been working in the health and fitness Industry for 7 years..
I work with people of all ages and abilities to help them develop their physical and mental strengths through various strength & conditioning/functional fitness methods..
I am also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach at BLACKBEARD BJJ and have been competing in sport for over 10 years, so I have a keen passion and understanding to help other athletes and teams improve on their strength, power and conditioning to excel, my client experience includes sports such as wrestling, rugby, MMA and golf….
When I’m not teaching, training or programming for clients I’ll probably be in the garden bare foot or sharing some ice water dips and walks in the company of nature followed by a beltin Sunday roast..

Terry Bridge

Hi I’m Terry.

Owner & Pt at ForceGym Wigan.

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I am a personal trainer and trainee sports scientist and have worked with clients of all ages & experience inside the gym. My coaching strategies are about developing a behaviour profile that favours success in performance. As a PT i aim to influence positive decision-making, through the transfer of my knowledge and guidance, all of which are integrative of reaching progress markers. We will work 1-1 to identify your nutritional status and make decisions on how we can shift this to match your lifestyle, improving your performance in and out of training.

Madison Robinson

BWL level 1 and level 2 Weightlifting Coach at Force, specialises in Olympic Lifting.

I started weightlifting 4 years ago as i was overweight and unhealthy. I found a passion in lifting and took a complete lifestyle and career change and now I want to help and show others how to be fit, healthy and stronger by doing something they enjoy.

Im taking on 1-1 or 1-2 coaching and online programming for complete beginners, novice and intermediate lifters who want to work on their technique or to get stronger- by working with the squat, deadlift, press, clean and jerk and snatch lifts.

Kate Howard

I am a level 3 personal trainer at Force Fitness. Originally I was a member who wanted to make changes to how I looked and felt. I then decided to put my passion into helping other people. I am here to help you make changes, whether that be lose weight, gain muscle, get fitter, faster or stronger or just help you gain confidence.

Terri Barter

Hey I’m Terri..

I’m one of the Pts with ForceGym

Kirsty Holburt

’m Kirsty…I’m a level 2 and 3 trainer, I love to do a variation of training styles from functional, to Tabata to boot camps to HITT step, I like to keep it varied.
I enjoy working with everyone from first time gym goers to people who work out all the time, I enjoy a challenge whether that be your goals or get you to enjoy the gym.
I also have a diploma in sport and exercise science as well as being a qualified childrens nurse for the lash 12 years….

Sean Long (Longy)

Olympic weightlifting and Functional Training. Also work with sports teams young and old focusing on specifics required for sports such as Rugby League, Football, Cricket etc.